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Practice Areas

Insurance Claims
Life insurance, flood insurance, homeowners insurance, health insurance, and auto insurance claims are frequently denied until an attorney gets involved. more »
Pharmacy / Prescription Error
These claims usually involve a pharmacy giving the wrong medicine or wrong dosage of medicine. more »
Auto Accidents
Accidents involving 18 wheelers, motorcycles, boats, and automobiles happen to over 3 million people each year. more »
Premises Liability
Slip and fall, broken stairs, inadequate security, swimming pool accidents, uncovered holes, inadequate lighting accidents, hazardous materials on property, malfunctioning elevators and escalators, are all situations that can result in injury or death. more »
Property Damage Claims
If your home or business has sustained damage or loss as the result of hurricane, fire, flood, accident, or other disaster, you are entitled to a fair and timely recovery from your insurance company. more »


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